Voice Casting

Bespoke voice casting by Kirsten Troy. Sourced from the UK, Europe & the US.

750 Voice casting was set up in 2020 by Kirsten Troy who has over 10 years experience as a voiceover agent and casting director working across advertising, TV, gaming and audiobooks.

Kirsten has access to all the best Voice Over Agents worldwide but she also loves discovering emerging talent.

She is scoping drama schools, record labels, comedy clubs and social media, always thinking creatively to find our clients a fresh sound.

750 Voices can help you with casting, shortlisting, negotiating fees (advising you on the current industry rates for your artist), booking and managing sessions, Agency liaison and payment.

She has already worked with an extensive roster of brands including Nike, Meta, Instagram, Marshalls, McDonalds, Visa, Ladbrokes, Suzuki, Sainsbury’s, Samsung, Burger King and Amazon.